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Welcome to Clutter Cult! Clutter Cult’s not just another vintage shop on etsy. We are here to provide you with unique quality vintage finds for your home or your friend’s home!

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Milk Glass Vase
Vintage Milk Glass Vase
Garfield Collectible Glass Coffee Mug
Collectible Garfield Mug
Retro Metal Enamel Mixing Bowls
Retro Mixing Bowls
Garfield Collectible Glass Coffee Mug


This is a nice collectible McDonalds glass mug part of a set from the late 70s to the 1980s. The glass has cartoonist Jim Davis’ character Garfield on one side of a teeter totter and pals Odie, Arlene, Pooky and Nermal on the other side. Garfield’s quote says “I’m not one who rises to the occasion”.
Wonderful quality as this mug features the Anchor Hockings marking on the bottom.

Excellent Vintage Condition
no chips, cracks or scratches

Measures approx: 3 1/2″ tall and the mouth is 3″ wide.

Great addition to a Garfield, character glass or vintage kitchen collection!

This item ships First Class Mail USPS
Be sure to check out my other items – will gladly combine shipping. Any significant shipping overages will be refunded.

Homemade waffles

Today I found a vintage waffle maker at the thrift store. I was so happy I never liked Belgian waffles and have been looking for a waffle maker with little squares, like Eggos. I was so excited after a good cleaning I had to plug it in and try it out, so we had breakfast for dinner with my new old waffle maker, lol. They came out great! I’m really please that it worked so well. It took me a little while to figure out temperature and cooking time, and I still need more practice to know what amount of batter is just right.
This Vintage Waffle Iron is a 2 in 1 Grill and Waffle Maker. You can open the Waffle iron so it lays completely flat. Then you can reverse the plates on the waffle maker to reveal a smooth non-stick surface, and voila you have a counter top griddle. Fry some beacon and eggs on one side then cook some flap jacks on the other. I’m going to try that next.I folded my waffles around a hot dog to try to recreate that yummy KC waffle dog taste.

Just Listed a New Collectible in My Etsy Shop

Wilton Cuddly Teddy Bear Cookie Cutters Set of 4

Teddy Bear Collectible Cookie Cutter Set


Wilton, 1990 , Cuddly Teddy Bear Cookie Cutter Set of 4 in brown hard plastic, finger grips, dishwasher safe with quick release
Has a Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe on the back

Set Includes 4 Cute Designs
*Teddy Bear with paw in cookie jar
*Teddy Bear on skateboard
*Teddy Bear Walking
*Teddy Bear Sitting

Measures 4 inches tall.

Brand New Still in Original Package
Rare Kitchen Collectible Soon to be vintage.

Great for other crafts not just baking. Use it for Polymer Clay or cake decorating

Rare Cookie Cutter Set

This Item Ships First Class Mail USPS Domestic and International. MammaRachel is Happy To Ship to Canada and other Countries.

Still in Original Package

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Vintage and Collectibles on Etsy

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Apple n Pear Design

Vintage glassware has become a popular item to collect over the years. Collectors looks for well known American brands like Pyrex and Anchor Hocking’s. There are even whole books dedicated to collecting glassware. Fire-King glassware refers to Anchor Hocking’s brand name of glassware. This method of manufacturing produced a very high quality durable glassware that became the popular choice for serving dishes in restaurants. I love the vintage and retro designs. They also come in unique shapes and sizes. I recently listed a cute pair of mugs in my Etsy Shop. One mug features a pear design and the other an apple. An orange and lemon design would complete this set.

Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Mug

Apple and Pear Design

Apple and Pear Design

More info on this Item:
Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Super Fruit Cups Mugs from the 60’s Apple, Pear. All are signed on bottom Anchor Hocking Fire King Oven Proof Made in USA and numbered. These cups are stackable. Each cup holds 8 ounces and measures 3 1/2″ tall and including handle 4″ wide.

Ships USPS First Class Domestic and International

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KidRobot Earring By ClearlyAshley On Etsy

Vintage Tupperware Bowls

Just added a new listing in MammaRachel’sEtsyShop for a Set of 3 Vintage Tupperware Bowls. They look like ice cream bowls to me. I tried searching for similar bowls online, but I haven’t found anything close or nearly as cute. Perfect for any vintage kitchen. Great Christmas Gift for anyone with a kitchen, lol or anyone that likes ice cream. Get it before it sells out like all my Vintage and Collectible items on Etsy once they sell they won’t be relisted unless I stumble across another one. Item is in good condition, no funky smells. Ships First Class Mail. I also Ship International for Canadian, Australian and other buyers 😉 Thanks for looking.

I love Vintage Tupperware!

If it doesn’t sell for the holidays I’ll gladly add to my collection of vintage tupperware.

New Listing!- Vintage Tupperware Canister Harvest Orange

Vintage Tupperware From MammaRachel

Vintage Tupperware from MammaRachel


This listing is for a Cute little Vintage Tupperware Canister from the Harvest collection Orange. Fill this little container with cookies or candy. Press button lid creates an air tight seal to keep bugs out and freshness in.
Washing Machine not Included 😉

This item is in good condition.

It holds 2/1/4 Cups .5 Liter

Ships First Class

If you have any questions please convo me.

Vintage Kitchen Collection

vintage tupperware

Harvest Orange Tupperware

MammaRachel's Vintage Kitchen

Vintage Tupperware Collectibles

Tupperware enthusiast can check out my other blog post : Remember This? Vintage Tupperware

When I got married my mom gave me her old kitchenware for our new apartment. They had been sitting in boxes under my grandpa’s garage for a few years. We went through the boxes together cleaning and sorting what survived, plates, bowls, mugs, pots, pans and silverware. I was and am very grateful for this mismatched assortment of housewares, lol because buying all those little things adds up and can become very expensive. It’s also very difficult to cook with limited utensils.

The Yellow Bowl

Among this assortment of dishes was a single yellow tupperware bowl. I didn’t really notice it at first, but it has since become my favorite bowl. We had it as long as I can remember. Oddly enough it brings back warm and fuzzy feelings whenever I use it. lol It’s also in really good condition. Lately I’ve be come a little bit of a vintage tupperware collector. My mom laughed the first time she heard me refer to her old containers as ‘vintage’.  I bought a few items for my collection from ebay, but some had to be thrown out because they smelled like cigarette smoke or something else funky. So now I get most of my tupperware from thrift stores, where I can smell it before I buy it and I don’t have to pay for shipping.  These containers are still very useful. I use mine all the time. They are great for storage because almost all the pieces come with air tight lids. I love the lids. When I was growing up my mom always kept sugar in them, one with white and one with brown. Never once did ants get to them.

My most recent thrift store find was a unique set of cups, or tumblers. These cups are not the normal harvest colors, brown, yellow, orange, or green, the iconic 70’s vintage Tupperware colors, but they are clear with a colorful printed design on them.

Not Vintage 😉 but still a cool trifty find

I’ve never seen anything like it before. Have you? If you have anymore info about these cups I’d like to hear about it. I posed it on yahoo answers to get a date range and most people say 80’s.

Little Kermit

Thrift store shopping was so fun the last time I went. Here are some of the things I found. First up I found this cute little kermit key chain. It was in a big bag of miscellaneous toys I bought the bag because I saw a bunch of pokemon toys in it and my brothers are really into pokemon right now, so I thought I would surprise them. My next bag of goodies contained vintage cookie cutters. I was surprised at how good the condition was of all these cutters. I listed a few in my etsy store there was a Raggedy Ann and Andy set a Little Boy and Girl Gingerbread Man Set, and some really cool collection of playing card suit shapes with fluted edges. The ones I decided to keep were assorted sized hearts and flowers, perfect for the up coming holidays. I plan to bake batches of cookies and other treats for my love ones this year.

Vintage Flower Cookie Cutters

Vintage Heart Cookie Cutters

The next thing I found were Japanese fridge magnets they came with a set of regular letter and number fridge magnets. I’ve been wanting to get some of these fun fridge magnets for my son for some time now and have been having a hard time finding them. I was so stoked to see the Japanese ones thrown in there too like an added bonus. Too bad I don’t know any Japanese. 😉

Japanese Alphabet Fridge Magnets

The last toy I found were these little 1inch cubes with letters in them. They interlock so you can spell out words. All the sides alternate capital and lower case letters. Each block has one letter on it. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I think it’s a teaching tool. What do you think?

Spell Me


I also got a great little hat mannequin for my Mario and Luigi hats.

UPDATE: Items that haven’t SOLD OUT yet.

Animals Cookie Cutters Set

Christmas Cookie Cutters Set

Flowers Hearts Cookie Cutters

MammaRachel’s Etsy Shop is happy to announce the addition of a few unique fun and cute vintage collectible items in the new Vintage Section of our shop. Vintage and Retro looks have always been a very popular design aesthetic. Artist and designers use vintage items for inspiration. Vintage and collectible items are powerful. They are comforting and have the ability to take you back to a happy place. Resurfacing childhood memories that have long been forgotten. For these reasons they make great gifts for others or maybe just a little gift for yourself to brighten up your day.

1) Vintage Mr. Men and Little Miss Thermos

Little Miss Sunshine Thermos

Little Miss Sunshine Thermos


Little Miss Sunshine and two friends from the Mr. Men and Little Miss Series pictured on this vintage thermos.
Mustard Yellow Cap that turns into a little cup.
This Thermos design has a pop up straw

It was probably part of a Lunch Box Set.

Item in good condition

Purchase or View more Pictures Click here

2) Assorted Kawaii Japanese Plastic Molds

Japanese Musubi Molds Fun Shapes

Japanese Musubi Molds Fun Shapes

In Hawaii we make MUSUBI

5 Musubi (Japanese rice) Molds Assorted Shapes.

Use this to create a unique Kawaii Bento Box assortment.

Also fun for other crafting projects.

Only one is open the rest are still wrapped in original plastic.

Cute Fun Shapes

Shapes are 3″ wide and 1 1/2″ deep
height ranges 1/1/2″-3″ depending on the shape.

Purchase or View more Pictures Click here

3)Vintage- 4 Suits Playing Cards Cookie Cutters Set

Vintage Playing Card Cookie Cutters (4 Suits)

Vintage Playing Card Cookie Cutters (4 Suits)

Vintage Cookie Cutters shaped like playing card suits. Fun to make Las Vegas style cookies! Hawaii People LOVE Vegas! Maybe even use it on fondant to decorate and unique Las Vegas theme cake. . . so many possibilities.

Use this set of 4 cookie cutters to give your cookies a nice fluted edge.

The Diamond is 2″ x 3″
The Spade is 2.25″ x 2.5″
The Club is 2.25″ x 2.5″
The Star is 2.5″ x 2.5″
These cutter are .5″ deep with a little handle.

Purchase of View more Pictures Click Here

4) Vintage Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Cookie Cutters

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Raggedy Ann and Andy

What a sweet pair. Sold as a Set

Made by: Bobbs Merrill Co., Inc
Vintage RAGGEDY ANN & RAGGEDY ANDY Cookie Cutters.

Not just for cookies use it for cake decorating and many other crafts

These cutters are 4.75″ tall! Raggedy Ann is 2.75″ at the widest part.

Purchase or View more Pictures Click Here

5) Vintage Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Cutter by Hallmark Cards Boy and Girl Set

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set Boy and Girl Gingerbread Man

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set Boy and Girl Gingerbread Man

Another Sweet Pair

Vintage Gingerbread Man and Girl Gingerbread in Dress with Apron and Boots

Boy and Girl set

Classic Collectible Cookie Cutter made by Hallmark Cards.
Perfect for any craft for the upcoming Holiday Season.

Make some Gingerbread boy and girl Cookies as a wonderful Christmas gift.

Very Good Condition
Cutters are approx 5″ tall and 3.5″ wide
Cutter is .25″ thick

This item Ships First Class Mail

Purchase or View more Pictures Click HERE

Most of these items Have SOLD OUT

Just Added

6) Flowers and Hearts Cookie Cutters Set

Hearts and Flowers Cookie Cutters Set


This listing is for 6 vintage cookie cutters Hearts and Flower Shaped.
Great for Christmas Baking and Cake Decorating

3 Flowers
3 Hearts

Smallest Flower- 1 1/4 inches wide
Medium Flower- a little over 2 inches wide
Largest Flower- 2 1/2 inches wide

Largest Heart- 3 1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide
Medium Heart- 3 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide
Small Heart- 2 1/4 inches tall by 2 inches wide

All are a little over 1/2 an inch thick

Item is in good condition.

Perfect for Holiday Baking

MammaRachel is Happy to Ship International and to Canada if a shipping price is not listed for your item please ask for a quote.

I have lots of items hearted on Etsy, which simply means I’ve marked it as a favorite. The creativity on etsy never ceases to amaze me. Since Christmas is coming up I thought it might be a good idea to make a little collection.

Advantages of online shopping.

-No waiting in line.

-The items are delivered straight to your door.

-If you have an idea of the perfect gift you don’t need to got to store after store looking for it, just get an etsy artist to make it. Lots of etsy seller are happy to make custom requests.

Unique handmade items make great one of a kind Christmas gifts for those special someones in your life. 😉

These Great Gifts are Under $20


Snow’s Revenge                                              $14.00

Apple Laptop Vinyl Graphic Decal

Apple Laptop Vinyl Graphic Decal

It’s Snow’s turn and she’s on a mission.
If you don’t have a laptop, stick it on any glossy surface and turn it into art.
This Glossy Black vinyl decal is approximately 8″ high by 6″ wide. Fits on 13″, 15″ and 17″ laptop covers.
Decals will adhere to most smooth flat surfaces, are easily removable and won’t leave sticky residue.
Comes with EASY TO APPLY instructions.


All vinylville art is original art.
The art work is a copyright vinyl/print design 2009. Copyright is not transferable with the sale of the art. The buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights.

VinylVile’s Etsy Store: Click to View this Item


Hand-Cut ‘I Love You More Than Coffee’ Card- $12.50

Mine should say i love you more than starbucks!

Mine should say i love you more than starbucks!

‘I love you more than coffee’ greetings card with love heart details completely hand-cut out of coffee bean brown card and lined with textured off-white paper.

For the caffeine addicts out there. Let that special person know that you do, in fact, love them more than your daily/hourly beverage of choice!

Great for anniversaries or just to randomly surprise a loved one!

Visit Storeyshop on etsy to View this Item


Snuggle Monster – Bert — $12.00



Each monster comes with an official Monster Birth Certificate & Biography card. If you’d like specific details included please message me. (Customizable fields are the Monster’s: Birthday, Full Name, Nickname, Gender, & Who the Monster Belongs to) If you don’t specify I will automatically fill in most fields, and leave a couple blank for you or your child to fill in later (nickname & belongs to)

Visit chasingmystar to View this item and others


Kitty Egg Molded Crayons- 6 Custom Colors -$18.00

Kitty Crayon Set

Kitty Crayon Set

These little cuties have been individually custom-molded from nontoxic wax crayons. Their faces are then lovingly hand-carved into their egg shaped bodies, one egg at a time.

Visit kittybblove etsy shop to see this Item


TWILIGHT Vintage Typerwiter Key Edward Cullen Vampire New Moon

Custom Twilight Typewriter key pendant

1 Large 18 mm antique typewriter Key , glass

Key was removed from an old Royal machine dating 1930,s

Largest key on the old typewriters

18 inch ball chain ( I will give you a longer chain for free at your request)

Snipet of photo of Edward placed under the glass

Chrome bezel

Lace edge silver Ox setting

All keys are from vintage typewriters and have age appropriate imperfections, however this adds to the beauty of these little treasures.

Typewriter Key Necklace

lizzybleu’s Shop has some of the best prices for Vintage Typewriter Key Pendants

If you don’t see the letter you want listed let her know that’s what I did.



Handsome boy baby booties

Handsome boy baby booties

Sweet baby booties hand-crocheted from a 100% cotton yarn.
They are very soft and comfortable with a double sole(inside cream and outside chocolate.)

Those booties will look beautiful in your baby’s feet! Or they will make a great babyshower gift!

The two little buttons are wooden buttons

Sole lenght: 3,25″ – 8,5cm – 0/3 months.
Sole lenght: 3,75″ – 9,5cm – 3/6 months.

You will receive booties with a pillow box

These booties can be machine washed. Air dry.

This item was handmade using a Sylver designs crochet pattern available at “”

Visit CATH94170 shop to view this item


Final Fantasy – Fleece Cactuar Hat – $15.00

Final Fantasy Hat

Final Fantasy Hat

Our Cactuar hat is made with super soft light green fleece. The accents, including eyes, mouth and spikes, are made of black felt.

Cactuar is a One-Size-Fits-Most-Adults hat. Very stretchy, it fits comfortably around a 22″ cranium. It will stretch for a more robust head or fit nicely on a smaller one!

This hat has been machine sewn for complete durability. Perfect for the winter weather!

Other video game/anime hats available upon request.

Visit Penguinotic’s shop to view this item

Don’t forget to stop by my shop too 😉

My most popular Item: Kids/Adult Super Mario Bros. Hat

Most popular item- Mario Hat

Most popular item- Mario Hat

Super Mario Hat

Luigi also Available 😉

If your child loves Mario they will love this hat. Fun for adults too.
Great piece to complete a simple Halloween Costume

Size: One size fits all for children
Adult size: Small

Request a custom order for larger Adult Sizes.

Polyester Fleece makes this hat both durable and an easy stretch fit for your child’s head.

My Shop:

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