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Apple Dot Shoes

Soft soled baby shoes are said to be the best thing for babies and tots that are still learning how to walk. Soft soled shoes allow them to still “feel” the ground with their feet so they can wear shoes to protect their feet with out hindering balance and coordination.  My son who is 15 months old and still not walking has given me plenty of time to shop around for soft soled shoes, and once he decides to get up and go I don’t want anything (like thick hard soled uncomfortable shoes) to get in his way. We live in Hawaii so most of the time he goes barefoot. Like a lot of children in Hawaii he doesn’t like shoes when it’s time to wear them because he’s so used to going with out them. Remember we don’t wear our shoes in the house either. Robeeze is the popular brand of soft shoes for babies and tots. I’ve been looking for something comparable to Robeeze soft soled style baby shoes for some time now. I like Robeeze but hate the price. $30 for a brand new pair at Baby Gap. I was over joyed to find this little shop on Etsy, all the way from Canada, littlejumpingbeans. I’ve seen other soft soled baby shoes on etsy, but by far these are the best ones on Etsy, and only $14 a pair! I also love the fabric and designs. LittleJumpingBeans‘s shoes are made out of high quality designer fabrics and cute Kawaii imported Japanese fabrics.

The design I chose has little blue and green guitars on it. What caught my eye with these shoes are the little grippy dots used for the soles.

Sweet Guitar - Soft Soled Cloth Baby Shoes


Flexible, Cozy, Fun

These soft soled baby shoes are perfect for little growing feet! Robeez style, but without the higher price!

♥ Made with a cool blue and green imported japanese guitar print on a white background with a few mnusical notes!

♥ Please choose a size and put in “notes to seller” at check out.

Size 0-6 months with a 4″ sole
Size 6-12 months with a 4.5″ sole
Size 12-18 months with a 5″ sole,

♥ Shoes have a generous toe box for lots of wiggle room! Great to help those little feet develop!

Little grippy dots

♥ Shoes are fully lined with a green cotton!
♥ The sole is made from white grippy dots!

Can’t wait for mine to arrive. There are so many cute designs I think I’m going to get a pair for my baby on the way, so I can buy one of the little girl designs.

Here are some of my other favorite designs.

Elephants Hippos n Zebras

Kawaii Cute Shoes

Sweet Pink Octopus

Starry Dots Baby Shoes

Starry Dots

UPDATE: Yay! my Shoes just arrived!

Excellent Quality, Super Fast Shipping & so Cute. My baby likes to Play with the little bumps on the bottom.

Soft Soled Baby Shoes From LittleJumpingBeans Etsy Shop

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Maternity Pants Tutorial

Maternity Pants Tutorial

Sample Pants From The Tutorial

What you need:

A pair of pants

Stretch knit material

A sewing Machine

Sew it yourself. Maternity Pants are very expensive and unless you are planning on having a LOT of kids you probably won’t be using it much. I can usually fit my old clothes for most of my pregnancy so I don’t start NEEDING maternity pants until later in the second trimester. In this tutorial you learn how to turn regular pants in to comfy maternity pants. Adding much more variety to your wardrobe for much less. She suggests buying a few cheap pairs of pants at a thrift store so you don’t turn all your regular pants into maternity ware, after all you will need clothes after baby is born. I’ve tried this tutorial and it is simple and pretty easy. I love the pictures.  I always need pictures. She obviously uses a Serger to do her ends, but I used a traditional home sewing machine and alternated between straight and zigzag stitches. So far I’ve transformed two pairs of old pants and it turned out great with minimal frustration 😉

Simply Recipes

Christmas Cookies from

This is a great cooking site with a wonderful collection of simple recipes for home cooked meals for the family. I believe home cooked meals can definitely save a family money. The problem is What to cook? I often get bored of the same old dishes and when I try to find new recipes they are much too fancy for my skill level and require ingredients I’ve never heard of. The recipes on this site are easy to follow have a short prep and cook time, and are absolutely delicious. I’m going to try the cookie recipes for Christmas Gifts this year. 😉

Make your own Modeling Wax Tutorial

Modelling Beeswax sold on Etsy


I saw some modeling wax on sale at Etsy. It’s a fun alternative to playdoh. The great thing about it is that is never dries out. Yay! I was pretty hard to find a tutorial about it but I found one here at I haven’t tried it yet and I wonder if it will turn out like the ones sold on Etsy. I’m also not sure where to look for these ingredients, lol.

But if you don’t want to make it you can always buy it on etsy. Aren’t the colors beautiful?


More Tutorials and Pictures to Come

Little Kermit

Thrift store shopping was so fun the last time I went. Here are some of the things I found. First up I found this cute little kermit key chain. It was in a big bag of miscellaneous toys I bought the bag because I saw a bunch of pokemon toys in it and my brothers are really into pokemon right now, so I thought I would surprise them. My next bag of goodies contained vintage cookie cutters. I was surprised at how good the condition was of all these cutters. I listed a few in my etsy store there was a Raggedy Ann and Andy set a Little Boy and Girl Gingerbread Man Set, and some really cool collection of playing card suit shapes with fluted edges. The ones I decided to keep were assorted sized hearts and flowers, perfect for the up coming holidays. I plan to bake batches of cookies and other treats for my love ones this year.

Vintage Flower Cookie Cutters

Vintage Heart Cookie Cutters

The next thing I found were Japanese fridge magnets they came with a set of regular letter and number fridge magnets. I’ve been wanting to get some of these fun fridge magnets for my son for some time now and have been having a hard time finding them. I was so stoked to see the Japanese ones thrown in there too like an added bonus. Too bad I don’t know any Japanese. 😉

Japanese Alphabet Fridge Magnets

The last toy I found were these little 1inch cubes with letters in them. They interlock so you can spell out words. All the sides alternate capital and lower case letters. Each block has one letter on it. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I think it’s a teaching tool. What do you think?

Spell Me


I also got a great little hat mannequin for my Mario and Luigi hats.

UPDATE: Items that haven’t SOLD OUT yet.

Animals Cookie Cutters Set

Christmas Cookie Cutters Set

Flowers Hearts Cookie Cutters

MammaRachel’s Etsy Shop is happy to announce the addition of a few unique fun and cute vintage collectible items in the new Vintage Section of our shop. Vintage and Retro looks have always been a very popular design aesthetic. Artist and designers use vintage items for inspiration. Vintage and collectible items are powerful. They are comforting and have the ability to take you back to a happy place. Resurfacing childhood memories that have long been forgotten. For these reasons they make great gifts for others or maybe just a little gift for yourself to brighten up your day.

1) Vintage Mr. Men and Little Miss Thermos

Little Miss Sunshine Thermos

Little Miss Sunshine Thermos


Little Miss Sunshine and two friends from the Mr. Men and Little Miss Series pictured on this vintage thermos.
Mustard Yellow Cap that turns into a little cup.
This Thermos design has a pop up straw

It was probably part of a Lunch Box Set.

Item in good condition

Purchase or View more Pictures Click here

2) Assorted Kawaii Japanese Plastic Molds

Japanese Musubi Molds Fun Shapes

Japanese Musubi Molds Fun Shapes

In Hawaii we make MUSUBI

5 Musubi (Japanese rice) Molds Assorted Shapes.

Use this to create a unique Kawaii Bento Box assortment.

Also fun for other crafting projects.

Only one is open the rest are still wrapped in original plastic.

Cute Fun Shapes

Shapes are 3″ wide and 1 1/2″ deep
height ranges 1/1/2″-3″ depending on the shape.

Purchase or View more Pictures Click here

3)Vintage- 4 Suits Playing Cards Cookie Cutters Set

Vintage Playing Card Cookie Cutters (4 Suits)

Vintage Playing Card Cookie Cutters (4 Suits)

Vintage Cookie Cutters shaped like playing card suits. Fun to make Las Vegas style cookies! Hawaii People LOVE Vegas! Maybe even use it on fondant to decorate and unique Las Vegas theme cake. . . so many possibilities.

Use this set of 4 cookie cutters to give your cookies a nice fluted edge.

The Diamond is 2″ x 3″
The Spade is 2.25″ x 2.5″
The Club is 2.25″ x 2.5″
The Star is 2.5″ x 2.5″
These cutter are .5″ deep with a little handle.

Purchase of View more Pictures Click Here

4) Vintage Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Cookie Cutters

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Raggedy Ann and Andy

What a sweet pair. Sold as a Set

Made by: Bobbs Merrill Co., Inc
Vintage RAGGEDY ANN & RAGGEDY ANDY Cookie Cutters.

Not just for cookies use it for cake decorating and many other crafts

These cutters are 4.75″ tall! Raggedy Ann is 2.75″ at the widest part.

Purchase or View more Pictures Click Here

5) Vintage Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Cutter by Hallmark Cards Boy and Girl Set

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set Boy and Girl Gingerbread Man

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set Boy and Girl Gingerbread Man

Another Sweet Pair

Vintage Gingerbread Man and Girl Gingerbread in Dress with Apron and Boots

Boy and Girl set

Classic Collectible Cookie Cutter made by Hallmark Cards.
Perfect for any craft for the upcoming Holiday Season.

Make some Gingerbread boy and girl Cookies as a wonderful Christmas gift.

Very Good Condition
Cutters are approx 5″ tall and 3.5″ wide
Cutter is .25″ thick

This item Ships First Class Mail

Purchase or View more Pictures Click HERE

Most of these items Have SOLD OUT

Just Added

6) Flowers and Hearts Cookie Cutters Set

Hearts and Flowers Cookie Cutters Set


This listing is for 6 vintage cookie cutters Hearts and Flower Shaped.
Great for Christmas Baking and Cake Decorating

3 Flowers
3 Hearts

Smallest Flower- 1 1/4 inches wide
Medium Flower- a little over 2 inches wide
Largest Flower- 2 1/2 inches wide

Largest Heart- 3 1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide
Medium Heart- 3 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide
Small Heart- 2 1/4 inches tall by 2 inches wide

All are a little over 1/2 an inch thick

Item is in good condition.

Perfect for Holiday Baking

MammaRachel is Happy to Ship International and to Canada if a shipping price is not listed for your item please ask for a quote.

Wife, Mother, Artist

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