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After my project was completed I added this New item to my Etsy Store!

So I wanted to ‘print’ some of my own designs for new pillow ideas, but screen printing was just to expensive for me. Most of the custom order screen printing online requires a minimal purchase of 6 or 12 shirts, which is not really something I want to invest in without knowing if it will sell. Plus I think T-shirts are hard to do since there are so many sizes. I wanted to just ‘screen print’ my design on pieces of fabric that way I could turn it into whatever I want (ex: bags, pillows, pillow covers, ect.) and I also want to test out different designs. So although this process is more time consuming it’s much more fitting for me ;).¬† One method of creating a screen printed look with out actually screen printing is stenciling. There are various YouTube videos and the results seem to turn out nice. But for stenciling you need freezer paper and an iron, both of which I don’t have. My method is pretty much the same just that I sketch the design on the fabric then I color in the lines with a paintbrush and fabric paint. Personally the painting is very therapeutic for me. It maybe tedious to some, but I don’t mind doing it. I find it relaxing.

The Painting Process

The Painting Process

After I finished my design I used it for a pillow ūüėČ Now available¬† in my Etsy Store.



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