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Maternity Pants Tutorial

Maternity Pants Tutorial

Sample Pants From The Tutorial

What you need:

A pair of pants

Stretch knit material

A sewing Machine

Sew it yourself. Maternity Pants are very expensive and unless you are planning on having a LOT of kids you probably won’t be using it much. I can usually fit my old clothes for most of my pregnancy so I don’t start NEEDING maternity pants until later in the second trimester. In this tutorial you learn how to turn regular pants in to comfy maternity pants. Adding much more variety to your wardrobe for much less. She suggests buying a few cheap pairs of pants at a thrift store so you don’t turn all your regular pants into maternity ware, after all you will need clothes after baby is born. I’ve tried this tutorial and it is simple and pretty easy. I love the pictures.  I always need pictures. She obviously uses a Serger to do her ends, but I used a traditional home sewing machine and alternated between straight and zigzag stitches. So far I’ve transformed two pairs of old pants and it turned out great with minimal frustration 😉

Simply Recipes

Christmas Cookies from

This is a great cooking site with a wonderful collection of simple recipes for home cooked meals for the family. I believe home cooked meals can definitely save a family money. The problem is What to cook? I often get bored of the same old dishes and when I try to find new recipes they are much too fancy for my skill level and require ingredients I’ve never heard of. The recipes on this site are easy to follow have a short prep and cook time, and are absolutely delicious. I’m going to try the cookie recipes for Christmas Gifts this year. 😉

Make your own Modeling Wax Tutorial

Modelling Beeswax sold on Etsy


I saw some modeling wax on sale at Etsy. It’s a fun alternative to playdoh. The great thing about it is that is never dries out. Yay! I was pretty hard to find a tutorial about it but I found one here at I haven’t tried it yet and I wonder if it will turn out like the ones sold on Etsy. I’m also not sure where to look for these ingredients, lol.

But if you don’t want to make it you can always buy it on etsy. Aren’t the colors beautiful?


More Tutorials and Pictures to Come


I have lots of items hearted on Etsy, which simply means I’ve marked it as a favorite. The creativity on etsy never ceases to amaze me. Since Christmas is coming up I thought it might be a good idea to make a little collection.

Advantages of online shopping.

-No waiting in line.

-The items are delivered straight to your door.

-If you have an idea of the perfect gift you don’t need to got to store after store looking for it, just get an etsy artist to make it. Lots of etsy seller are happy to make custom requests.

Unique handmade items make great one of a kind Christmas gifts for those special someones in your life. 😉

These Great Gifts are Under $20


Snow’s Revenge                                              $14.00

Apple Laptop Vinyl Graphic Decal

Apple Laptop Vinyl Graphic Decal

It’s Snow’s turn and she’s on a mission.
If you don’t have a laptop, stick it on any glossy surface and turn it into art.
This Glossy Black vinyl decal is approximately 8″ high by 6″ wide. Fits on 13″, 15″ and 17″ laptop covers.
Decals will adhere to most smooth flat surfaces, are easily removable and won’t leave sticky residue.
Comes with EASY TO APPLY instructions.


All vinylville art is original art.
The art work is a copyright vinyl/print design 2009. Copyright is not transferable with the sale of the art. The buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights.

VinylVile’s Etsy Store: Click to View this Item


Hand-Cut ‘I Love You More Than Coffee’ Card- $12.50

Mine should say i love you more than starbucks!

Mine should say i love you more than starbucks!

‘I love you more than coffee’ greetings card with love heart details completely hand-cut out of coffee bean brown card and lined with textured off-white paper.

For the caffeine addicts out there. Let that special person know that you do, in fact, love them more than your daily/hourly beverage of choice!

Great for anniversaries or just to randomly surprise a loved one!

Visit Storeyshop on etsy to View this Item


Snuggle Monster – Bert — $12.00



Each monster comes with an official Monster Birth Certificate & Biography card. If you’d like specific details included please message me. (Customizable fields are the Monster’s: Birthday, Full Name, Nickname, Gender, & Who the Monster Belongs to) If you don’t specify I will automatically fill in most fields, and leave a couple blank for you or your child to fill in later (nickname & belongs to)

Visit chasingmystar to View this item and others


Kitty Egg Molded Crayons- 6 Custom Colors -$18.00

Kitty Crayon Set

Kitty Crayon Set

These little cuties have been individually custom-molded from nontoxic wax crayons. Their faces are then lovingly hand-carved into their egg shaped bodies, one egg at a time.

Visit kittybblove etsy shop to see this Item


TWILIGHT Vintage Typerwiter Key Edward Cullen Vampire New Moon

Custom Twilight Typewriter key pendant

1 Large 18 mm antique typewriter Key , glass

Key was removed from an old Royal machine dating 1930,s

Largest key on the old typewriters

18 inch ball chain ( I will give you a longer chain for free at your request)

Snipet of photo of Edward placed under the glass

Chrome bezel

Lace edge silver Ox setting

All keys are from vintage typewriters and have age appropriate imperfections, however this adds to the beauty of these little treasures.

Typewriter Key Necklace

lizzybleu’s Shop has some of the best prices for Vintage Typewriter Key Pendants

If you don’t see the letter you want listed let her know that’s what I did.



Handsome boy baby booties

Handsome boy baby booties

Sweet baby booties hand-crocheted from a 100% cotton yarn.
They are very soft and comfortable with a double sole(inside cream and outside chocolate.)

Those booties will look beautiful in your baby’s feet! Or they will make a great babyshower gift!

The two little buttons are wooden buttons

Sole lenght: 3,25″ – 8,5cm – 0/3 months.
Sole lenght: 3,75″ – 9,5cm – 3/6 months.

You will receive booties with a pillow box

These booties can be machine washed. Air dry.

This item was handmade using a Sylver designs crochet pattern available at “”

Visit CATH94170 shop to view this item


Final Fantasy – Fleece Cactuar Hat – $15.00

Final Fantasy Hat

Final Fantasy Hat

Our Cactuar hat is made with super soft light green fleece. The accents, including eyes, mouth and spikes, are made of black felt.

Cactuar is a One-Size-Fits-Most-Adults hat. Very stretchy, it fits comfortably around a 22″ cranium. It will stretch for a more robust head or fit nicely on a smaller one!

This hat has been machine sewn for complete durability. Perfect for the winter weather!

Other video game/anime hats available upon request.

Visit Penguinotic’s shop to view this item

Don’t forget to stop by my shop too 😉

My most popular Item: Kids/Adult Super Mario Bros. Hat

Most popular item- Mario Hat

Most popular item- Mario Hat

Super Mario Hat

Luigi also Available 😉

If your child loves Mario they will love this hat. Fun for adults too.
Great piece to complete a simple Halloween Costume

Size: One size fits all for children
Adult size: Small

Request a custom order for larger Adult Sizes.

Polyester Fleece makes this hat both durable and an easy stretch fit for your child’s head.

My Shop:

Amigurumi means “knitted or crocheted doll” in Japanese and that’s exactly what it is. I really wish I knew how to crochet because the dolls I’ve seen are adorable. All the dolls parts are crocheted and stuffed then attached together. This is a great little how to tutorial about attaching these parts and finishing your doll.

A friend of mine just added her first handmade item to her Etsy Store a cute little Amigurumi Crochet Cupcake Charm.

I dont know how anyone can make something so tiny

I don't know how anyone can make something so tiny

Just visited Hawaii’s new Lego Store in Ala Moana Shopping Center today. What?!?  Hawaii didn’t have a lego store?, lol not that I know of, and I’ve lived here all my life. It’s small but still really cool. I wish I had a point and shoot, because the pictures from my camera phone didn’t turn out that great. There where lots of great displays. An Employee told me that local Hawaii Lego Club members got together to build different displays for the opening.

The Bus

The Bus

My favorite was this Bus display. Legos modeled after Hawaii’s  “The BUS”, I guess we’re proud of our transit system. There was also a really great beach display with palm trees, a killer wave, and even a lifeguard shack. I don’t know how long the displays are going to be around, so if you’re local go down to Ala Moana and check it out. It would be fun and exciting if they decide to continually update and create new designs. That would definitely draw me into the store every time. The sets they sell are also very cool, but pretty pricey, almost $300 for this carousel design! I didn’t know Legos cost so much.

Lego Carousel

Lego Carousel

more of "the bus"

more of "the bus"- pretty great model there's tinted windows and even a bicycle rack and bike on the front of the bus, lol too funny



Well since the Super Mario Bros. Hat is the most popular item in my etsy store, (being that it’s the only item I’ve sold so far). I would like to add a Luigi Hat. That way I can offer a discount on the hats if bought as a set. So I have been on a search to find green polyester fleece, and let me tell you it’s been hard to find on this tiny little island. This is the first time I envy mainland stores. I’ve always thought Hawaii has pretty much everything the mainland has, but when it comes to good crafting supplies we are in need of some help. Wal-Mart carries an abundant stock of the solid red fleece, but I have check the 2 out of 4 Wal-Marts on the Island and have yet to find green. I called Fabric Mart in Kaneohe and asked if they have green and was told they only have lime green and olive green, which will just not do for Luigi lovers. ;(  I even went to a large wholesale warehouse full of rolls and rolls of fabric, still nothing!  I managed to find a yard of dark forest green fleece in the scraps section, and decided to purchase it since it’s been the closest I have come to green and  my little brother has been requesting a hat for sometime now. Ever since his older brother received my first Super Mario hat he NEEDS Luigi because Luigi’s Mario’s brother! Well I’m sure dark green will suffice for my 3 year old little brother. But I don’t think it will be added to my etsy store. 😦  So my search for green polyester fleece continues. Back to the yellow pages to search for more fabric stores. I’ve also been contemplating buying white polyester fleece and dying the material myself, but I have no experience with dyes. If anyone is good with do it yourself dyeing fabrics at home please let me know. Thanks

Luigi Hat

Luigi Hat

Don’t forget to visit my store:

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