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Pouch Style Baby Sling

Babywearing is a lot of fun, but often times it doesn’t start out that way. Babywearing for new moms is scary business, and it is hard to trust your carrier to hold your precious bundle of joy securely.  With a little bit of searching there are many online resources that talk about babywearing, I have complied some helpful and informative resources for new babywears. Do the research and educate yourself until you feel comfortable and confident. There are proper techniques for holding baby securely when placing the child in the sling and proper baby carrying positions. The best thing is to practice practice practice. You don’t have to grab your baby right away. Many people use stuffed animals to demonstrate or practice, maybe you could use a small 5lb bag of rice so you can get the feel of how the sling will carry the weight of your baby. Use a mirror.

This guide is focused on the pouch style sling.

Ring Style

I would recommend this style of sling for new babywears because I feel it is the easiest to get baby in and out of.  It is basically a pocket you put your baby in. You don’t need to adjust the sli

ng’s size or have to deal with lots of fabric like you do with the the other common ring carrier type baby slings.

1. The most important thing for safety and comfort is size. DO NOT use a sling that is too big or too small.

A lot of times a baby carrier is given as a gift and that’s what gets a mom interested in babywearing, but be sure you have the correct size. Especially with a pouch style sling.

Finding your size:

Simply measure from the outer edge of your shoulder (where a t-shirt seam would fall) diagonally across to the opposite hip. If you do not have a tape measure your t-shirt size is close for most people.
Small (23-24″)
Medium (24-25″)
Large (25-26″)
X-Large (26-27″)

I would suggest reading this guide on Correct Positioning.

It includes very detailed instructions and pictures illustrating incorrect positions as well as correct positions.

2. Your baby should be worn up high they should be around your chest area and snug against your body.

3. If you are using the sling for an older child and have their legs out there feet should be above their bum. Like a froggy position. The fabric should go under each knee. From knee to knee,  around the bum for a secure hold.

4. With any carrier the fabric should be spread as wide as possible around your back always avoid twisted or bunched up fabric.

There are also very helpful instructional videos on how to wear your baby.

Newborn Carry

Other types of baby carriers.

This is a Pre-Tied wrap tummy to tummy position.

Wrap Style Carry Baby Wearing

Baby Carry Using a Baby Wrap

Sew your own Pouch Sling: Video Instructions

The RC Me

The RC Me

Street View

Street View

Damn Playfish games waste so much of my time, but what can I say I’m addicted.

This is a blog offering some help for newbies because let’s face it playfish pretty much throws you in the water without teaching you how to swim.

I actually don’t really know the point of this game being fairly new myself. I only started playing it because I was bored one day when Pet Society was doing maintenance and I needed to get my gaming fix.

Understanding the Game: Objectives

1. Make money so you can, decorate your restaurant inside and out, dress yourself and your employees and buy ingredients.

2. level up, which pretty much just happens automatically by accumulating gourmet points. I don’t think there is much you can do to significantly speed this process up.

3. level up your dishes by collecting the ingredients needed. (if you level up your ingredients you get more gourmet points per plate you serve.) Still not really a big deal except you won’t have cracked ugly plates. Your dished will be plated on a different design every level until you reach the Gold Plate, lvl 10.


Making money:

I never feed my employees I always choose to rest them, but if you choose that route you have to log in more often to put them back to work in an hour or so once there energy has reached 100%.

Your rating is important because that determines how many customers you have. The more customers the more money.

Your employees generate the most money when they have the most energy. If I log in and my people are at 50% i rest them again because from 100%-50% they made around 2000 coins and from 50%-0% I notice they make a lot less.

You need to listen to your customers to improve your restaurant the bubbles above their head tell your what they need if you see a chair your need more tables or arcades (if you can afford it). If there is a toilet you need to add a bathroom to your restaurant (for higher levels). If there is a clock you need more cooks. Dirty plates means more waiters. When ever your get a red thumbs down your rating goes down .1 and in turn that means your business and your money goes down.

If you logout and when you return your workers are all collapsed on the floor while customers are still walking in and out your rating will have falling for as long as your employees have fainted.  A little tip for that is when your employees are at 100% open the door and stay logged in watch the customers to see if they have any complaints you can fix. If you are getting more green thumbs up than red thumbs down your rating will go up. I let that continue until my workers reach about 80%, because then they start working slower and you get more complaints from customers about the time. That’s a good time TO BLOCK YOUR DOOR and SAVE the game and LOGOUT.  When you block your door customers can’t come in and out so your rating won’t fall when you come back, BUT you will still make the same about of money when you log back in. 🙂 Also your toilets won’t flood so you won’t need a cleaner and you can use the extra person to cook or wait tables. THE DRAW BACK IS YOUR GOURMET POINT WON”T GO UP IF YOU DOOR IS BLOCKED. The fastest way to raise gourmet points is to leave the game running.

Your people can also get stuck places so watch out for the placement of the furniture. If you notice that customers are complaining about seats when you have free chairs that means those chairs are inaccessible to them and you need to rearrange furniture.

Another Tip is to always block the door when you’re resting so you don’t have Thumbs down customers.

My sister chooses never to rest her employees she always feeds them so you can see what works better for you. If you choose that route I would always feed them at 75% so they always remain the most productive. I hear the cooks energy is more important than waiters as far as performance goes.

Leveling Up Your Dishes:

Level 10 RC Dish- See the Plate is Gold

Level 10 RC Dish- See the Plate is Gold

Everyone needs ingredients!

How to get free ingredients:

First visits to a friends restaurant gives you an ingredient.

Every day you get one ingredient

And if your correctly answer food quizzes you get another ingredient.

When you level up your dishes the ingredients disappear so it is possible to have no ingredients.

What some people do is they create and alias account and go to Facebook’s restaurant city’s group’s discussion board and keep adding new friends to get ingredients. Your second account can also help you make money. You can buy items and send them to your primary account. You don’t need a second account you can just add people by using the Restaurant City’s Group in Facebook and then delete them once you get your ingredient or you can keep them to trade later. I like to use a second account because it’s easier and I don’t want a bunch of people I don’t know on  my primary account it just makes things more difficult.

*unfortunately you can not gift ingredients.

To get the ingredients you need to level up your dish you will need to trade. So visit friends and make trade offers. You should really concentrate on leveling up one dish at a time per category so you don’t get confused. If you have a second account you can always trade between them to get the correct combination of ingredients. If you don’t have a second account it can be very difficult to accumulate the ingredients you need without adding a bunch of random people to your profile.

My Second RC Account

My Second RC Account

Leveling Up:

Like I said before there is no way to significantly raise gourmet points to level up. There are no ‘cheats’ for this game only ‘hacks’ where you would need to download additional software that hacks into your account while your playing. If you are interested in that check out videos on YouTube you need to search “Restaurant City Hack” and you should sort it by most recent videos. Always read the comments to see if the hack still works, playfish does a really good job monitoring and patching hacks so they usually only last a week at the most. Also be warned that playfish BANS Hackers if it is really obvious you’re cheating, so if you are going to attempt to hack you should have a second account and it should be active for awhile before attempting any serious hacking.

This guy has the best blog you can check him out if there’s a working hack out there he made it and has it up on his site 😉 it not in English but he usually has a video or you can try to use google translate option.

Good luck =)

Add any helpful tips, tricks, and cheats of your own.

Also comment on my info if you feel it is inaccurate or if you have a better suggestion.

Besides decorating there is lots of fun stuff to do in Restaurant City. I like the hiring friends and photo options. 😉

I dress my Boys in Sexy Orange Short Shorts

I dress my Boys in Sexy Orange Short Shorts

And they love it

And they love it

My Second RC Account

My Second RC Account

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