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This is a great little tutorial to make your own gift tags for the holidays. All you need is some paper, a printer, a few cutting tools, some scrap fabric and glue.

last-minute christmas tags

I know everyone is busy wrapping (or perhaps still finishing) a few gifts. I’m here to help! These gift tags are a great way to use leftover fabric scraps. First, download this template and print it on some white cardstock.

Here’s what you need: your printed template, a ruler and an x-acto knife, a bone folder (in order to get nice crisp folds), a cutting mat, glue (spray adhesive or glue stick), 1.5” circle punch (or you can cut the circles with your x-acto knife.. be careful!), a few cute fabric swatches (cut to roughly 1.75” squares), and a hole punch.

STEP 1: Cut out your tags (each template makes four tags) with a ruler and an x-acto knife, using the guides on the template. I cut the top and bottom horizontal lines first, and then the vertical lines.. do not cut through the paper top to bottom, you want to stop shy of the edge of the paper so you keep the border and your guide marks intact.

STEP 2: Take the four cards and punch out the 1.5” circle, as marked on the template (your circle punch will be slightly larger than the circle on the template). Line it up as closely as you can.

STEP 3: Apply glue to the entire wrong side (or back of the card) especially the edges. Pick your fabric swatch and affix it to the back of the card, wrong side up, making sure it covers the entire punched circle. (The right side of the fabric should be face down).

Fold the card in half to sandwich the fabric, use a bone folder to get a nice tight fold (or your fingernail). Rub the card all over, making sure the glue is spread evenly over the entire card. Punch holes where indicated. Add string or ribbon and enjoy!

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My Mario and Luigi Hats are now listed in www.My Shopping . It’s free to add your product to their site and a great way to market your online products for free. Hopefully this will send more traffic to my etsy store . It was so easy all you have to do is fill out a online product submission form and they will notify you by email when your product is accepted.

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ONLY the BEST GAME EVER!, lol just kidding.

Warning: this game is highly addictive and will cause you to lose many hours of your life you will never get back.

A little bit about Pet Society:

it’s what’s called a facebook app. there are many many many apps. you add on to your profile and play, i rarely ever add anymore apps, because the list is endless and crazy and i can’t keep up with all that. the pictures are of my pet’s rooms, i bought and placed all the furniture wallpaper windows doors carpet/flooring. you can make themed rooms kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room etc. they also have special seasonal items that are only around for he holidays ex. april fools, easter. st. patricks day. you can also change your pets clothes from shoes to wristbands to hats

Pet Society Kitchen

Pet Society Kitchen

Starbucks inspired cafe room

Starbucks inspired cafe room

it’s like a tamagochi pet, sort of, but your pet can’t die and the object of the game is not to raise a pet but to take care of your pet and be social. everyone else on your friends list that has a pet will be in your neighborhood and you spend your time feeding grooming and cleaning your pet and your friends pets to earn coins to buy things at the stores to decorate your ever expanding house. kind of like the ds game animal crossing.

How to Play Pet Society.

The number one goal in pet society is to make money, so you can buy things for your house. It take many hours and hours of playing to make money.

Visit Friends

What a lot of people do to make quick money everyday is they add a lot of ‘Pet Society’ friends. Each day a visit to your friends house will earn you money. The first 20 visits i believe earn you 20 coins then the next 20 will earn 10 coins and after that you will get five coins per person. If your friend has a recent activity icon by their name you will earn 30 coins when you visit them. That icon means you friend has logged in within the last 24 hours.

Take Care of Your Pet

Pet Society Ruby Star Pet Items

Pet Society Ruby Star Pet Items

The next thing that earns money is taking care of your pet. Feeding, Cleaning, Grooming and Playing. In your chest you have certain ‘tools’ a brush, soap and toys (ball, Frisbee, jump rope) As you level up the toys will also level up and look nicer, until you reach the highest PS level with is ‘Ruby Star Pet’.

My Pet asking for Soap

My Pet asking for Soap

Your pet will also ask you for things based on their status icons. If the heart meter is low it will ask for food. If the green Happiness meter is low it will want to play, and if the blue Hygienic meter is low it will ask for soap. when it asks for food you don’t have to give it what it asks for, any food will do.  Many different things will affect and fill the green meter, (visiting, friends, eating food, being cleaned, and playing with toys or being brushed).

On to the Races

to be cont. . .

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