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Well since the Super Mario Bros. Hat is the most popular item in my etsy store, (being that it’s the only item I’ve sold so far). I would like to add a Luigi Hat. That way I can offer a discount on the hats if bought as a set. So I have been on a search to find green polyester fleece, and let me tell you it’s been hard to find on this tiny little island. This is the first time I envy mainland stores. I’ve always thought Hawaii has pretty much everything the mainland has, but when it comes to good crafting supplies we are in need of some help. Wal-Mart carries an abundant stock of the solid red fleece, but I have check the 2 out of 4 Wal-Marts on the Island and have yet to find green. I called Fabric Mart in Kaneohe and asked if they have green and was told they only have lime green and olive green, which will just not do for Luigi lovers. ;(  I even went to a large wholesale warehouse full of rolls and rolls of fabric, still nothing!  I managed to find a yard of dark forest green fleece in the scraps section, and decided to purchase it since it’s been the closest I have come to green and  my little brother has been requesting a hat for sometime now. Ever since his older brother received my first Super Mario hat he NEEDS Luigi because Luigi’s Mario’s brother! Well I’m sure dark green will suffice for my 3 year old little brother. But I don’t think it will be added to my etsy store. 😦  So my search for green polyester fleece continues. Back to the yellow pages to search for more fabric stores. I’ve also been contemplating buying white polyester fleece and dying the material myself, but I have no experience with dyes. If anyone is good with do it yourself dyeing fabrics at home please let me know. Thanks

Luigi Hat

Luigi Hat

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