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Purchased this as a Christmas Present for a Friend. So many options and styles to choose from. I chose the White leather band and blue as shown in this picture I also requested to have my friends name punched into the plate.
Can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m thinking today’s the day 😉

Check out these killer wrist cuffs by FOSTERWELD. Each cuff features a piece of recycled ALUMINUM that is tastefully beveled and distressed, with the color of your choice. That plate is RIVETED to a piece of GENUINE LEATHER that is soft and supple and your choice of color. There is a post and 3 holes for a comfortable fit. Our most popular size is a MEDIUM, fitting both the ladies and the fellas. Feel free to convo with any questions.

The last picture shows some color variety but is our THIN cuff.

CUFF SIZING = post to first middle last hole, holes are 1/2” apart:
LARGE- 7.5 8 8.5 MEDIUM – 6.75 7.25 7.5 SMALL – 6 6.5 7

black white silver pink lime turquoise red purple kelly green royal olive yellow orange

black white brown cracked black cracked white


For all the twilight fans, and mom’s with teens that love twilight.


New Moon the second part of the Twilight Saga just came out in theaters which means a revival of the Twilight Craze just in time for Christmas. This I know because my 13 year old niece plays Twilight trailers on YouTube all day long while she’s as my house. Her favorite is Jacob and his sexy muscles or something to that effect. She also plays this rather comical Twilight version of  Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me”, watch the  YouTube Video (Jacob Black Remix). I like the version that has the Sims video.

Get the perfect gift for any twilight fan on Etsy with these Scrabble Tile Pendants.

There’s a promotion going on right now buy 2 get the third free! Not too shabby. Right now ONLY $6 a Pendant @ CuriousCharm’sShop

New Moon

New Moon

Edward New Moon

Edward and Bella

Edward Bella

Jacob Fan Pendant

Lots of Great Twilight Designs

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