Just opened: Clutter Cult on Etsy

Clutter Cult is dedicated to providing you with fresh and unique vintage and collectible items for your home along with some popular favorites. We try to offer a reasonable price on all of our vintage finds. We take the value of the item and cost of shipping into careful consideration when pricing our items and try to provide you with the most economical shipping price without jeopardizing the safety of these precious items. All items are packaged and shipped with the utmost care.

Sections in our shop

Milk Glass Collection

Petite Milk Glass Vase

Milk Glass

Vintage Kitchenware

Retro Metal Enamel Mixing Bowls

Vintage Kitchen Mixing Bowls

Vintage Tupperware

Vintage Tupperware Mugs Blue and Grey with Lids

Vintage Tupperware Mugs

Other Fun Collectibles

Garfield Collectible Glass Coffee Mug

Anchor Hocking Garfield Mug

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