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Welcome to Clutter Cult! Clutter Cult’s not just another vintage shop on etsy. We are here to provide you with unique quality vintage finds for your home or your friend’s home!

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Milk Glass Vase
Vintage Milk Glass Vase
Garfield Collectible Glass Coffee Mug
Collectible Garfield Mug
Retro Metal Enamel Mixing Bowls
Retro Mixing Bowls
Garfield Collectible Glass Coffee Mug


This is a nice collectible McDonalds glass mug part of a set from the late 70s to the 1980s. The glass has cartoonist Jim Davis’ character Garfield on one side of a teeter totter and pals Odie, Arlene, Pooky and Nermal on the other side. Garfield’s quote says “I’m not one who rises to the occasion”.
Wonderful quality as this mug features the Anchor Hockings marking on the bottom.

Excellent Vintage Condition
no chips, cracks or scratches

Measures approx: 3 1/2″ tall and the mouth is 3″ wide.

Great addition to a Garfield, character glass or vintage kitchen collection!

This item ships First Class Mail USPS
Be sure to check out my other items – will gladly combine shipping. Any significant shipping overages will be refunded.

Purchased this as a Christmas Present for a Friend. So many options and styles to choose from. I chose the White leather band and blue as shown in this picture I also requested to have my friends name punched into the plate.
Can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m thinking today’s the day 😉

Check out these killer wrist cuffs by FOSTERWELD. Each cuff features a piece of recycled ALUMINUM that is tastefully beveled and distressed, with the color of your choice. That plate is RIVETED to a piece of GENUINE LEATHER that is soft and supple and your choice of color. There is a post and 3 holes for a comfortable fit. Our most popular size is a MEDIUM, fitting both the ladies and the fellas. Feel free to convo with any questions.

The last picture shows some color variety but is our THIN cuff.

CUFF SIZING = post to first middle last hole, holes are 1/2” apart:
LARGE- 7.5 8 8.5 MEDIUM – 6.75 7.25 7.5 SMALL – 6 6.5 7

black white silver pink lime turquoise red purple kelly green royal olive yellow orange

black white brown cracked black cracked white

When ever I see gnomes listed on etsy i add them to my favorites, lol i don’t know why. i guess i like them. I’ve never had a gnome garden figuring, but i do remember watching a cartoon about gnomes when i was little. Anyone remember that, lol they used to heal the sick or something.

The World of David the Gnome

View this item on etsy:

These are two adorable little Gnomes to hang on your Xmas tree! They’re handmade from polymer clay, no molds, then glossed. They have ornament hooks attached so they’re all ready to hang up. This set makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!

These Gnomes are approx. 1.5 inches

**These are handmade so each one is unique and may vary slightly from the item pictured.

After 6 Months on Etsy this bag FINALLY SOLD. I had just about given up on it and almost removed it from my shop the day before it sold. I won’t be re-listing it because it did take me a long time to make and I ran out of duct tape a few months back, lol, but if you want a HOT pink or any other color iPod Nano style duct tape bag contact me on Etsy and request a custom order. This bag is made entirely out of DUCT TAPE! 😉

After a LOT of trouble shooting I got my free pattern with instructions. Can’t wait to make my first one!

Free pattern: Snuggler infant swaddler


snuggler_patternThis Snuggler infant swaddler is just one of the projects featured in Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby: 24 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers.  You can download the pattern for the swaddler for free from CraftzineGo to the free pattern.

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  1. Rachel Low on December 16, 2009 8:00 pm

    Hello Yikes it’s already December. I have the same freezing problem Can anyone email me the Pattern I would LOVE to make it for my baby Due the end of Jan 2010.

    my email is

  2. Rachel Low on December 17, 2009 5:51 am

    Thank you for replying so quickly I can’t wait to try it out.

  3. Rachel Low on December 17, 2009 7:37 am

    There is a pattern with instructions available here

    I’m not a good enough sewer to figure it out myself with no instructions.

    People seem to have trouble downloading that one as well.

    but after reading the comments I was able to download the pdf.

    After a little bit of a wait the PDF even loaded properly in a new window when I used internet explorer rather than firefox.

    If it still doesn’t load for you try the direct download like she says.

    In INTERNET EXPLORER right click on the download link when the window pops up Choose “save target as” choose a destination folder and voila you have it saved on your computer. ;)

    As far as printing goes, I had to Open the PDF file with ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR one page at a time. In adobe illustrator printing options include “tile” “full pages” Your pattern will print out on (4) 8/1/2 x 11 sheets. According to adobe’s website that option should be available in acrobat, but it is not available for me. Maybe you need to have Acrobat Professional not just the reader.

    So like I said I had to use “open with” to open the PDF in another ADOBE program, WORKED for me with Illustrator, you should try it in PHOTOSHOP or INDESIGN if you have one of these programs.

  4. Rachel Low on December 17, 2009 7:44 am

    This is why we can’t print large pages. You need the full version of adobe acrobat not just the free reader.

    Hi Keith,

    The tile print feature is part of Acrobat not Reader, which is why you do not see it in the Adobe Reader print menu. If you’re interested in testing the tiling capability try downloading a 30-day trial of Acrobat 9 at:

  5. Rachel Low on December 17, 2009 7:53 am

    If you are lucky enough to get the pattern to load in Internet Explorer the printing options were available for me to tile large pages. So print it out directly from the web browser. Probably a good idea to make sure you have the latest version of internet explorer and the adobe reader plugin
    good luck every one

  6. anneweaver on December 18, 2009 6:59 am

    Thanks for posting this! This download has been giving people lots of trouble, but your research and explanation will help make it easier. You rock!!

Just Listed a New Collectible in My Etsy Shop

Wilton Cuddly Teddy Bear Cookie Cutters Set of 4

Teddy Bear Collectible Cookie Cutter Set


Wilton, 1990 , Cuddly Teddy Bear Cookie Cutter Set of 4 in brown hard plastic, finger grips, dishwasher safe with quick release
Has a Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe on the back

Set Includes 4 Cute Designs
*Teddy Bear with paw in cookie jar
*Teddy Bear on skateboard
*Teddy Bear Walking
*Teddy Bear Sitting

Measures 4 inches tall.

Brand New Still in Original Package
Rare Kitchen Collectible Soon to be vintage.

Great for other crafts not just baking. Use it for Polymer Clay or cake decorating

Rare Cookie Cutter Set

This Item Ships First Class Mail USPS Domestic and International. MammaRachel is Happy To Ship to Canada and other Countries.

Still in Original Package

For other Vintage and Collectible items check out my previous post:

Remember This! Vintage Tupperware

Vintage and Collectibles on Etsy

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Apple n Pear Design

Vintage glassware has become a popular item to collect over the years. Collectors looks for well known American brands like Pyrex and Anchor Hocking’s. There are even whole books dedicated to collecting glassware. Fire-King glassware refers to Anchor Hocking’s brand name of glassware. This method of manufacturing produced a very high quality durable glassware that became the popular choice for serving dishes in restaurants. I love the vintage and retro designs. They also come in unique shapes and sizes. I recently listed a cute pair of mugs in my Etsy Shop. One mug features a pear design and the other an apple. An orange and lemon design would complete this set.

Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Mug

Apple and Pear Design

Apple and Pear Design

More info on this Item:
Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Super Fruit Cups Mugs from the 60’s Apple, Pear. All are signed on bottom Anchor Hocking Fire King Oven Proof Made in USA and numbered. These cups are stackable. Each cup holds 8 ounces and measures 3 1/2″ tall and including handle 4″ wide.

Ships USPS First Class Domestic and International

Check out more Vintage and Collectibles in MammaRachel’sEtsyShop

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For all the twilight fans, and mom’s with teens that love twilight.


New Moon the second part of the Twilight Saga just came out in theaters which means a revival of the Twilight Craze just in time for Christmas. This I know because my 13 year old niece plays Twilight trailers on YouTube all day long while she’s as my house. Her favorite is Jacob and his sexy muscles or something to that effect. She also plays this rather comical Twilight version of  Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me”, watch the  YouTube Video (Jacob Black Remix). I like the version that has the Sims video.

Get the perfect gift for any twilight fan on Etsy with these Scrabble Tile Pendants.

There’s a promotion going on right now buy 2 get the third free! Not too shabby. Right now ONLY $6 a Pendant @ CuriousCharm’sShop

New Moon

New Moon

Edward New Moon

Edward and Bella

Edward Bella

Jacob Fan Pendant

Lots of Great Twilight Designs

Wife, Mother, Artist

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