Hi nice to meet you

Hi nice to meet you

I’m blogging to help my etsy store.

We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully there are not too many mistakes in grammar and punctuation. ;) English was never my strong suit.

The Facts:

Graduated Class of 2003, which makes me this day 24 yrs old.

I have a son that will be 1 tomorrow, and being a mother and wife has be the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. Before that I always felt like I was drifting along with just the potential to do something great. I didn’t grow up dreaming about getting married or my wedding, but marrying my husband Lilo is the best thing that’s ever happen to me. Marriage is the Best! and Jesus Takes Care of the REST.

My Angle Baby

My Angle Baby

I’ve never started a blog because I have no idea what to write about. It’s like those assignment you get from your English teacher, “Journal something” your teacher says, “you need to have 20 entries it can be about anything you want.”  Call me crazy but I always hated assignments like that. I’d much rather have an assigned topic, and some direction please.

So I’m just warning you now that this blog is going to be full of total randomness as i find lots of things interesting and my interest and hobbies are ever changing. I also loose interest in things fairly quickly I buy all the supplies to start a project/craft  then make it a couple of times and then just end up with a bunch of stuff. I’ve done Fimo and Sculpey III figures, painting, beading, card making, stamping, sewing, macrame and other little odds and ends, but nothing ever became a full time hobby or  permanent project. Although I did really love my ceramics class in high school and I think I would love pottery and sculpture, but don’t exactly have a kiln in my house.  I used to love going to paint it pottery in kailua and still really like the pieces I have from there, but it was very expensive and slowly all those types of shops seemed to dissapeard from Hawaii. I think there is still something in Mililani call Color Me Mine, but I really don’t know if it is still there.

Ok so here are somethings I really love, I’m going to list them so I can hopefully organize myself.

Art- I love Art. I love to muse and wonder at the talent of others. All art architecture, interior design, furniture (ikea), photography, fashion (project runway), painting, graphic art (mac ads), animation (pixar short films). I even muse at the detail and complexity of games one of my favorites are “The Sims.” and pretty much anything on Etsy ;)

Philosophy- These were my favorite classes in college, and if I could I would just sit around and talk to my professor, (as creepy as that sounds). But I really love good conversation, and talking about observable human behavior and tendencies, why do people do the things they do? why do we like the things we like?  Don’t shoot me, but I like the Communist’s view of Capitalism. Studying the Nature of the Beast. Does that mean I’m a full on socialist (since that’s what I view as the new age communism) Heck No!  Capitalism is what we got and what we are stuck with until it collapses. Although I believe alternatives are ideal and would make this world a better place I don’t believe it’s practical. You can’t force anyone to give a damn about anyone else and there will always be people that don’t give a damn, but I will do everything I can to remind myself not to be one of those people.

I like games:

I was/currently addicted to:

The Sims

Restaraunt City

Pet Society

Animal Crossing: Wild World (ds)

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for DS

I also ❤ STARBUCKS, Grande double blended mocha frappachino please!

How can I hate Capitalism, When I love starbucks

Well that’s it for now nice to know you I need to get back to teaching my son to be a genius ;)