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Project Runway Designers



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Amy Sarabi
Age: 26
Plano, TX
Anna Lynett
Age: 23
Whitefish Bay, WI
Anthony Williams
Age: 28
Birmingham, AL
Ben Chmura
Age: 30
South Meriden, CT
Christiane King
Age: 30
Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
Emilio Sosa
Age: 43
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Janeane Marie Ceccanti
Age: 28
Willows, CA
Jay Nicolas Sario
Age: 31
The Philippines
Jesse LeNoir
Age: 25
Painesville, OH
Jesus Estrada
Age: 21
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Jonathan Peters
Age: 29
Woonsocket, RI
Age: 22
Santa Fe, NM
Age: 40
Dallas, TX
Age: 47
Pittsfield, MA
Ping Wu
Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Age: 38
San Diego, CA

Looking forward to a new season, last season was kinda boring.

Christian is still my favorite.

Movie poster

I love Madea! This was another good Tyler Perry movie, full of drama and heartache with a happy ending just how I like it. It had less Madea and family, but more singing, including Gladys Knight and a performance of the main song by Mary J Blige. My husband actually recognized her voice, he said “that must be her nobody sounds like Mary J Blige.” lol we check the credits later and it was her. As always I cried, laughed and went to sleep with warm fuzzy feelings. Can’t wait till “Why Did I get Married, Too” hits the theaters.

Pouch Style Baby Sling

Babywearing is a lot of fun, but often times it doesn’t start out that way. Babywearing for new moms is scary business, and it is hard to trust your carrier to hold your precious bundle of joy securely.  With a little bit of searching there are many online resources that talk about babywearing, I have complied some helpful and informative resources for new babywears. Do the research and educate yourself until you feel comfortable and confident. There are proper techniques for holding baby securely when placing the child in the sling and proper baby carrying positions. The best thing is to practice practice practice. You don’t have to grab your baby right away. Many people use stuffed animals to demonstrate or practice, maybe you could use a small 5lb bag of rice so you can get the feel of how the sling will carry the weight of your baby. Use a mirror.

This guide is focused on the pouch style sling.

Ring Style

I would recommend this style of sling for new babywears because I feel it is the easiest to get baby in and out of.  It is basically a pocket you put your baby in. You don’t need to adjust the sli

ng’s size or have to deal with lots of fabric like you do with the the other common ring carrier type baby slings.

1. The most important thing for safety and comfort is size. DO NOT use a sling that is too big or too small.

A lot of times a baby carrier is given as a gift and that’s what gets a mom interested in babywearing, but be sure you have the correct size. Especially with a pouch style sling.

Finding your size:

Simply measure from the outer edge of your shoulder (where a t-shirt seam would fall) diagonally across to the opposite hip. If you do not have a tape measure your t-shirt size is close for most people.
Small (23-24″)
Medium (24-25″)
Large (25-26″)
X-Large (26-27″)

I would suggest reading this guide on Correct Positioning.

It includes very detailed instructions and pictures illustrating incorrect positions as well as correct positions.

2. Your baby should be worn up high they should be around your chest area and snug against your body.

3. If you are using the sling for an older child and have their legs out there feet should be above their bum. Like a froggy position. The fabric should go under each knee. From knee to knee,  around the bum for a secure hold.

4. With any carrier the fabric should be spread as wide as possible around your back always avoid twisted or bunched up fabric.

There are also very helpful instructional videos on how to wear your baby.

Newborn Carry

Other types of baby carriers.

This is a Pre-Tied wrap tummy to tummy position.

Wrap Style Carry Baby Wearing

Baby Carry Using a Baby Wrap

Sew your own Pouch Sling: Video Instructions

Sew many Wonderful Sewing Tutorials at

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