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Dad’s always a hard person to shop for. Forget tools this year and put a smile on dad’s face with this unique and funny golf tee. Brought to you by a brand new etsy shop BWImageryNStuff . The “I suck” Golf Tee is a great gift for any and every golfer, newbie or seasoned pro.

The I Suck Golf Tee

I Suck Golf Tee


Men’s Adult Hanes Beefy T shirt
High Quality Silk Screen Printed Golf Design.

Perfect for sports fans and golfing fans every where. Not just for dad. Buy it for any golfing man in your life. After all you can never have enough golfing tees.

Available in Sizes:
Colors Avail: Black or White

This item ships USPS Priority Mail Service.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


Check Back with BWImageryNStuff more unique graphic t-shirt designs coming soon!


Quick update

2 new items added to ClearlyAshley’sEtsyShop just in time for the holidays.

1.KidRobot Munny Accessory – Ice Cream Cone Earrings

KidRobot Munny Ice Cream Earrings


This listing is for one pair of cute ice cream cone earrings. Ice cream cones are from Kidrobot’s Munny Zipper Pulls Series 2 (Blind Box). Looks like mint ice cream with sprinkles, yum.

Unique one of a kind gift idea perfect accessory for the teenager with lots of style.

I love the cute little ice cream stands.


Item ships from Hawaii to anywhere in the US for just $2.00

2.KidRobot Let’s Hang Fire Logs Earrings

KidRobot Let's Hang Fire Logs Earrings


Listing is for one pair of cute log fire earrings created from KidRobot’s line of Let’s Hang Zipper pulls.

Artist of Let’s Hang: Aaron Meshon – Limited blind box run.

Findings made from 1″ Silver Plated Brass Fish Hooks.

Each figure is approximately 1″ in height.

When I got married my mom gave me her old kitchenware for our new apartment. They had been sitting in boxes under my grandpa’s garage for a few years. We went through the boxes together cleaning and sorting what survived, plates, bowls, mugs, pots, pans and silverware. I was and am very grateful for this mismatched assortment of housewares, lol because buying all those little things adds up and can become very expensive. It’s also very difficult to cook with limited utensils.

The Yellow Bowl

Among this assortment of dishes was a single yellow tupperware bowl. I didn’t really notice it at first, but it has since become my favorite bowl. We had it as long as I can remember. Oddly enough it brings back warm and fuzzy feelings whenever I use it. lol It’s also in really good condition. Lately I’ve be come a little bit of a vintage tupperware collector. My mom laughed the first time she heard me refer to her old containers as ‘vintage’.  I bought a few items for my collection from ebay, but some had to be thrown out because they smelled like cigarette smoke or something else funky. So now I get most of my tupperware from thrift stores, where I can smell it before I buy it and I don’t have to pay for shipping.  These containers are still very useful. I use mine all the time. They are great for storage because almost all the pieces come with air tight lids. I love the lids. When I was growing up my mom always kept sugar in them, one with white and one with brown. Never once did ants get to them.

My most recent thrift store find was a unique set of cups, or tumblers. These cups are not the normal harvest colors, brown, yellow, orange, or green, the iconic 70’s vintage Tupperware colors, but they are clear with a colorful printed design on them.

Not Vintage 😉 but still a cool trifty find

I’ve never seen anything like it before. Have you? If you have anymore info about these cups I’d like to hear about it. I posed it on yahoo answers to get a date range and most people say 80’s.

Vinyl wall art and decals are the latest and hottest trend in home decor. These removable decals are an easy way to add a contemporary feel to any room. They cling on to smooth surfaces with no sticky residue. They are easy to remove and don’t damage paint or leave holes in the wall.

Want to add art to a room? Framed artwork is a thing of the past this is your home not a museum, lol. Decals can be quite expensive ranging from $30-$150 dollars. I just pick up a few designs from a little shop I found on etsy Six Under a Tree Studio. I found their prices reasonable and since I purchases multiple items from the same shop I saved a lot on shipping. They are going to send my order priority mail for only $3. 😉 I think these vinyl wall decals are going to make the perfect wedding gift for my friend.

Matching Little Birds

The Perfect Wedding Gift for new Couple and their new apartment 😉

Vinyl wall decals are also good for many other occasions. I think they are a great idea for decorating a new baby’s or any child’s room therefore making them a great baby shower, birthday or Christmas gift. When the child out grows the theme just peel them off and you have a clean slate to decorate. If you have a nice budget for the holidays surprise your friends and family with this unique Christmas gift. There are so many designs and ideas out there. Start a search on etsy I’m sure you’ll find great ideas for decorating any room in your home. Most of the shops designs are customizable. You can choose from a wide range of colors to match your existing interior design and decor and you can customize the sizes as well. White and Black are great safe colors for anyone with a solid colored wall. I’m a big fan of this new trend in interior decorating and art.

Little Kermit

Thrift store shopping was so fun the last time I went. Here are some of the things I found. First up I found this cute little kermit key chain. It was in a big bag of miscellaneous toys I bought the bag because I saw a bunch of pokemon toys in it and my brothers are really into pokemon right now, so I thought I would surprise them. My next bag of goodies contained vintage cookie cutters. I was surprised at how good the condition was of all these cutters. I listed a few in my etsy store there was a Raggedy Ann and Andy set a Little Boy and Girl Gingerbread Man Set, and some really cool collection of playing card suit shapes with fluted edges. The ones I decided to keep were assorted sized hearts and flowers, perfect for the up coming holidays. I plan to bake batches of cookies and other treats for my love ones this year.

Vintage Flower Cookie Cutters

Vintage Heart Cookie Cutters

The next thing I found were Japanese fridge magnets they came with a set of regular letter and number fridge magnets. I’ve been wanting to get some of these fun fridge magnets for my son for some time now and have been having a hard time finding them. I was so stoked to see the Japanese ones thrown in there too like an added bonus. Too bad I don’t know any Japanese. 😉

Japanese Alphabet Fridge Magnets

The last toy I found were these little 1inch cubes with letters in them. They interlock so you can spell out words. All the sides alternate capital and lower case letters. Each block has one letter on it. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I think it’s a teaching tool. What do you think?

Spell Me


I also got a great little hat mannequin for my Mario and Luigi hats.

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