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I have lots of items hearted on Etsy, which simply means I’ve marked it as a favorite. The creativity on etsy never ceases to amaze me. Since Christmas is coming up I thought it might be a good idea to make a little collection.

Advantages of online shopping.

-No waiting in line.

-The items are delivered straight to your door.

-If you have an idea of the perfect gift you don’t need to got to store after store looking for it, just get an etsy artist to make it. Lots of etsy seller are happy to make custom requests.

Unique handmade items make great one of a kind Christmas gifts for those special someones in your life. 😉

These Great Gifts are Under $20


Snow’s Revenge                                              $14.00

Apple Laptop Vinyl Graphic Decal

Apple Laptop Vinyl Graphic Decal

It’s Snow’s turn and she’s on a mission.
If you don’t have a laptop, stick it on any glossy surface and turn it into art.
This Glossy Black vinyl decal is approximately 8″ high by 6″ wide. Fits on 13″, 15″ and 17″ laptop covers.
Decals will adhere to most smooth flat surfaces, are easily removable and won’t leave sticky residue.
Comes with EASY TO APPLY instructions.


All vinylville art is original art.
The art work is a copyright vinyl/print design 2009. Copyright is not transferable with the sale of the art. The buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights.

VinylVile’s Etsy Store: Click to View this Item


Hand-Cut ‘I Love You More Than Coffee’ Card- $12.50

Mine should say i love you more than starbucks!

Mine should say i love you more than starbucks!

‘I love you more than coffee’ greetings card with love heart details completely hand-cut out of coffee bean brown card and lined with textured off-white paper.

For the caffeine addicts out there. Let that special person know that you do, in fact, love them more than your daily/hourly beverage of choice!

Great for anniversaries or just to randomly surprise a loved one!

Visit Storeyshop on etsy to View this Item


Snuggle Monster – Bert — $12.00



Each monster comes with an official Monster Birth Certificate & Biography card. If you’d like specific details included please message me. (Customizable fields are the Monster’s: Birthday, Full Name, Nickname, Gender, & Who the Monster Belongs to) If you don’t specify I will automatically fill in most fields, and leave a couple blank for you or your child to fill in later (nickname & belongs to)

Visit chasingmystar to View this item and others


Kitty Egg Molded Crayons- 6 Custom Colors -$18.00

Kitty Crayon Set

Kitty Crayon Set

These little cuties have been individually custom-molded from nontoxic wax crayons. Their faces are then lovingly hand-carved into their egg shaped bodies, one egg at a time.

Visit kittybblove etsy shop to see this Item


TWILIGHT Vintage Typerwiter Key Edward Cullen Vampire New Moon

Custom Twilight Typewriter key pendant

1 Large 18 mm antique typewriter Key , glass

Key was removed from an old Royal machine dating 1930,s

Largest key on the old typewriters

18 inch ball chain ( I will give you a longer chain for free at your request)

Snipet of photo of Edward placed under the glass

Chrome bezel

Lace edge silver Ox setting

All keys are from vintage typewriters and have age appropriate imperfections, however this adds to the beauty of these little treasures.

Typewriter Key Necklace

lizzybleu’s Shop has some of the best prices for Vintage Typewriter Key Pendants

If you don’t see the letter you want listed let her know that’s what I did.



Handsome boy baby booties

Handsome boy baby booties

Sweet baby booties hand-crocheted from a 100% cotton yarn.
They are very soft and comfortable with a double sole(inside cream and outside chocolate.)

Those booties will look beautiful in your baby’s feet! Or they will make a great babyshower gift!

The two little buttons are wooden buttons

Sole lenght: 3,25″ – 8,5cm – 0/3 months.
Sole lenght: 3,75″ – 9,5cm – 3/6 months.

You will receive booties with a pillow box

These booties can be machine washed. Air dry.

This item was handmade using a Sylver designs crochet pattern available at “”

Visit CATH94170 shop to view this item


Final Fantasy – Fleece Cactuar Hat – $15.00

Final Fantasy Hat

Final Fantasy Hat

Our Cactuar hat is made with super soft light green fleece. The accents, including eyes, mouth and spikes, are made of black felt.

Cactuar is a One-Size-Fits-Most-Adults hat. Very stretchy, it fits comfortably around a 22″ cranium. It will stretch for a more robust head or fit nicely on a smaller one!

This hat has been machine sewn for complete durability. Perfect for the winter weather!

Other video game/anime hats available upon request.

Visit Penguinotic’s shop to view this item

Don’t forget to stop by my shop too 😉

My most popular Item: Kids/Adult Super Mario Bros. Hat

Most popular item- Mario Hat

Most popular item- Mario Hat

Super Mario Hat

Luigi also Available 😉

If your child loves Mario they will love this hat. Fun for adults too.
Great piece to complete a simple Halloween Costume

Size: One size fits all for children
Adult size: Small

Request a custom order for larger Adult Sizes.

Polyester Fleece makes this hat both durable and an easy stretch fit for your child’s head.

My Shop:


Amigurumi means “knitted or crocheted doll” in Japanese and that’s exactly what it is. I really wish I knew how to crochet because the dolls I’ve seen are adorable. All the dolls parts are crocheted and stuffed then attached together. This is a great little how to tutorial about attaching these parts and finishing your doll.

A friend of mine just added her first handmade item to her Etsy Store a cute little Amigurumi Crochet Cupcake Charm.

I dont know how anyone can make something so tiny

I don't know how anyone can make something so tiny

Recycle and go green. Turn your old tee into a new snazzy decorative pillow that’s oh so comfy. I hate getting rid of my old clothes.  They say if you haven’t worn it in over a year it needs to GO!. NO!!! Now you can keep those old trendy t-shirts around by turning them into new decorative pillows, that’s just as trendy and hip and totally your style!   This is a fun easy quick sewing project that doesn’t cost much. Just buy yourself some pillow stuffing (fiber fill) from your local craft store or wal-mart, the softer the better. Cut off the top end of the shirt stuff and sew the ends. Voila, you have yourself  new trendy pillow that has that same old comfortable t-shirt feel.

Here’s one I made for my etsy store:

Japanese Koi T-shirt Pillow Up-cyled

Japanese Koi T-shirt Pillow Up-cyled

More pictures available @

I’ve decided to add Mobiles to my etsy shop I’ve been sketching some designs and have finally completed my first Mobile. It is a simple black and white design with circles. I like to call it “well rounded”. This is a light weight fabric mobile constructed with, felt and left over scraps of polyester fleece. What’s great about this design is that it can be used as hanging mobile decor or a wall hanging. The circles make it very versatile, so it’s easy to change the look to whatever design you can imagine. This mobile’s classic colors makes it a great piece of art for any room.

Black and White Mobile

Black and White Mobile

Change it Up! Customize the Design

Change it Up! Customize the Design

So my Mario and Luigi hat sale have picked up this month. I’ve been so busy keeping up with orders, I have not had the time to work on any Christmas/Holiday projects for Etsy. ;( Me and my baby have also had a cold forever, which doesn’t help anything. I hope we get better soon.

Christmas Snow

Christmas Snow

I love Christmas! Being a Christian Family we don’t celebrate Halloween, so I’m just going to by pass that holiday in my etsy store and bring on the Christmas Fun! I currently have some greeting card ideas in the works and also want to make some felt ornaments for the Christmas tree. I think felt ornaments will be a great child friendly alternative to those glass Christmas baubles. I’m trying to think of fun and unique themes for these ornament as I would like to offer them in sets of maybe five or more. Right now I’m thinking of Angels, a coffee set for the coffee lovers, Mario and Luigi, for my little brother, and maybe a penguin set because I love penguins! If there is anything you would like to see as a set of Christmas ornaments leave me a comment!

MammaRachel’s Shop

PICTURES COMING SOON . . . I need to get crafty 🙂

I just made a listing on my etsy shop to sell my Mario and Luigi hats in a set. This is great because you can now get both hats for the same flat rate shipping. Thank you USPS for the large Priority Mailers. It’s been going well so far. I’ve sold three sets, which helps to move my Luigi hat inventory, because before I was only getting orders for Mario. I also found a slightly better green fleece, still a little dark for my taste, but much more vibrant. I need to get my little brothers over to model the new hats and update pictures 😉

Mario and Luigi Hat Set Listing

Mario and Luigi Hat Set Listing

My Mario and Luigi Hats are a perfect fit for any Super Mario Brothers fan. Don’t let the pictures fool you. These hat have been worn by children of all ages, from 6 months to 12 years old. They even fit me (small sized adult).  This classic beret style hat looks cute on all sized and age models 😉 The best thing for dress up. Once you have the hat you don’t need anything else to look like Mario. I’m excited for the upcoming holidays, these hats are great gifts. My little brothers found some overalls and solid red and green shirts and are going to dress up as Mario and Luigi for Halloween.


Cookie Monster Hat

Cookie Monster Hat

Cookie Monster is one of my favorite Sesame St. characters. Just added him to my shop today. The blue color is just beautiful and the eyes are stuffed with a little fiber-fill for extra Silly Fun!

Same Style and Sizes as My Super Mario Bros Hats. These hats are great gifts for Halloween, Christmas, and Birthdays. Fun for any occasion.

Coming soon: Elmo, and The Grouch Hats

Enjoy Click the Picture to view this item in MammaRachel’s Etsy Shop.

MammaRachel is Happy to Ship International and to Canada if a shipping price is not listed for your item please ask for a quote.

My Baby Mario 6 months

My Baby Mario 6 months

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